About HNF

Healthy Nutrition Foundation (HNF) is a nonprofit organization that has over 9 years of experience in Romania. Its activities have focused on promoting a balanced nutrition and offering informational support for the governmental and private institutions on nutrition and its specific diseases.

Research is one very important component of the HNF�s activity. As a result, over the years, we have published numerous scientific articles in national and international publications. Our research projects are funded by the Education and Research Ministry. Our Science Counsel, having well known and appreciated nutrition and diabetes specialists as members, supervises all projects run by the foundation.

"There is a great variety of diseases known as nutrition and metabolic diseases. Our main objective is to study the nutritional risk factors in the etiology of the cardiovascular, digestive and pediatric diseases. We want to correct the unhealthy modern lifestyle through prevention and education programs." Prof. Dr. Dan Mircea Cheta

HNF emphasizes the importance of the participation of Romanian nutrition specialists at international symposiums and conferences, for exchange of best practices.


Our mission is to promote a healthy nutrition, in order to prevent specific diseases, through education, information and research.


Our common values are devotion, responsibility and transparency in fighting the specific diseases. Partnership with any governmental or nongovernmental organization that undertakes activities for promoting a balanced nutrition and fighting the unhealthy life style is a priority for us.


  • 1. To inform and educate the population through media and direct contact on the importance of the nutrition for health and on the consequences of an incorrect diet.
  • 2. To contribute to the development and improvement of the medical practice in the nutrition field, through scientific research.
  • 3. To encourage the young researchers and doctors to focus their activity on nutrition and specific diseases, through scholarships.
  • 4. To offer consultancy and assistance on nutrition issues to other social actors on local, national or international level.


Our activities include: international, national and local campaigns on informing and educating the population, medical symposiums and seminars, conducting research and studies, scholarships for young researchers and doctors etc.