The XII-th Symposium of Healthy Nutrition Foundation, Bucharest 2010 

- Certainties and controversy in modern nutrition - 

Preliminary program could be downloaded from here. 

Call for abstracts is now closed. 

Details could be downloaded from here.

All abstracts received will be published after Scientific Council evaluation.

Period: 12-13  November  2010. Location: Bucharest, Romania. 

For scientific abstracts submission see the details specified bellow and please send an email to office@fpas. 

Last update: 07. 11.2010.

Details for write an abstract: 

1. Original communications are invited on any subject relevant to the understanding of nutrition and related conditions. Brief instructions are presented here. An abstract model can be downloaded from here. 

2. The closing date for abstracts is 14 October 2010 (Abstract deadline extended!). Communications must be delivered in English. The HNF will provide Romanian version of your abstract. There will not be simultaneous translation in English for presentations. The Provisional Program will be sent to all participants in the third  week of October, 2010.

3. The programme will include the Opening Lecture and the Presentations for Winners of HNF Contest. Also Scientific Lectures are included.

4. Abstracts can only be submitted online (e-mail) and cannot be submitted later than 14 October 2010. This deadline will be strictly enforced. Acknowledgement of receipt will be sent via e-mail to the presenting (=first-named) author. Please contact the HNF Office if no receipt of acknowledgement has been received by 17 October 2010.

5. It is MANDATORY that the first-named, presenting author of any abstract accepted for presentation be present to deliver his/her paper. Failure to do so, without prior or adequate explanation sent to the HNF Office by fax or e-mail, may result in the author being banned from presenting abstracts for the next three years.

6. The Programme Committee Members will meet in October 2010 and have the absolute right to accept or reject abstracts. Their decision is final. Only accepted abstracts will be printed. The Programme Committee's decision will be sent in the second  week of October 2010 ONLY to the presenting (= first-named) author's contact e-mail.

7. PowerPoint presentation will be available. Instructions on presentation will be sent to the presenting authors on notification of acceptance (only to the presenting (= first-named) author's contact e-mail). Only single projection is provided.

8. Abstracts accepted for presentation will be published in the Volume of Abstracts. The Volume of Abstracts will be included in the conference bags. Furthermore, all accepted abstracts will be available on the HNF's website (www.fpas.ro) before the Annual Symposium.

9. Certificates of Continuing Medical Education Credit Points will be provided by HNF on the last day of the HNF Symposium.

10. For more details please visit the following web site www.fpas.ro under "Symposium" section or send an e-mail at office@fpas.ro.


Focusing on nutrition, HNF Annual Symposium is an excellent opportunity for dialog between specialists from different fields of activity: academic members, food industry representatives, doctors, nutritionists, press etc.

Program of last Symposium can be downloaded from here. 

One event that takes place at each edition of the HNF Symposium is the Young Researchers Contest. Scientific papers are evaluated by the Scientific Counsel. The winners receive special prizes, scholarships and the opportunity of presenting their research results in front of all participants at the symposium.

For any information regarding the past editions (agenda, scientific papers, participants, press releases or photos), please send an email to office@fpas.ro